Posted on Jul 10, 2019



Getting a real ID can be a pain. The hardest part is at the end of this article. Here is how to lessen the pain, and the longer you wait the worse it will get. Some are saying they will wait until next summer - we are anticipating longer lines and wait times the closer we get to the deadline. Most people are not having trouble with the identity and lawful status sections as most people have a birth certificate. The Social Security card section can be trouble as some people have lost their card. WE CAN NOW ACCEPT LAMINATED SS CARDS. If you don't have your card we can accept a pay stub or W-2 that has the whole number. The hardest part in Nome is proving principle residency as we cannot accept a PO box address as proof. The two easiest ways to prove principle residency are 1. Get a letter from your boss attesting to where you live and 2. Write yourself a letter with your PO Box AND your physical address and send it through the mail. Make sure the post office stamps it. Click on "Learn More" for 15 other ways to prove principle residency. Do this sooner rather than later. Next summer is going to be nuts.
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